Private and Group Health Coaching Programs

Imagine going through the day with more energy, less stress and improved overall health. Everyone knows they would like to feel better but so many people don’t know how. With all of the mixed messages out there given to us by the media, big food corporations and even our doctors, most people are lost trying to get to their health destinations. Working with me gives you a map, making it easier to achieve all of your health goals without the typical overwhelm and conflicting information.

The programs I have created will conquer confusion and teach the information necessary to create a healthy lifestyle without taking away all of your favorite foods and beverages.

I assist people in all stages of their life journey. I work with executives, professionals on the road and working from home, on-the-go parents, teens and children. I teach people how to eat well without becoming the ‘plain-salad-dry-piece-of-fish-guy’. Believe it or not, incorporating healthy foods and properly preparing them, is not only easy, it’s also delicious!

My programs are perfect for you if you are tired of feeling frustrated and exhausted by your current habits. You realize what once worked for you, is no longer working. It’s time to commit to transforming your health and your life.

Private Health Coaching Class- $100 per session

One-on-one health coaching features eight 50 minute health coaching sessions. This program is for Men and Women who are ready to change their relationship with food. You will learn how to make better, more nourishing food choices as well as how to appreciate and recognize the importance of these foods. Program includes, course materials, email support and a wellness bag with products to start your journey!

health coaching

Private Health Coaching- $150 per one hour session

Often times in life, we feel we know what we are supposed to do to improve our health, but for whatever reason, we find we just can’t get there. One on One coaching gives you the emotional support and the tools to make permanent changes in your lifestyle and with your eating habits. This program will help keep you accountable and on track with healthy eating and other habits to make successful lifelong changes.

Student One-on-One health coaching- $50 per 30 min. session

This program is for high school and college students who are interested in learning how to properly nourish their body and make their health a lifetime commitment! This program teaches young adults how to make better choices, even when eating in the school or dorm cafeteria. This includes an initial 30 minute consultation and two 30 minute sessions, in person, online or over the phone. Program fee includes handouts, and a wellness (goodie!) bag.

Natural Foods Cleanse- $250

Take part in a 3 week nourishing whole foods cleanse geared toward you and your lifestyle. Included in the cleanse is an hour and a half, one-on-one session, biweekly 15 minute phone checkins, email support, some delicious recipes and tips that you will find useful even after you have completed the cleanse. (Supplements not included)

Grocery Store Tour- $200

Imagine walking through the grocery store without being confused and overwhelmed with what you should or shouldn’t buy. A Grocery Store Tour includes 2 hours of individual instruction, with guidance on how to shop for a healthy lifestyle.

Get Started: Schedule a Confidential Health History Session. $50

In this private session we will get clear on how you’re feeling and what you’d like to change. We will begin to uncover the self-sabotaging habits that hold you back and
set you on a path towards better health, more energy and a happier life
Schedule your Confidential Health History Session today to discover your best health!


Pricing Varies

In addition there are several opportunities for groups to learn through workshops. Some of the available topics are:

Kick the Sugar Habit- Most of us go through life with a sugar addiction and don’t know it. Sugar addiction leads to a host of health problems, fortunately there are ways to kick the habit!

Restoring Energy Into Your Life- This class will help you to improve your energy levels from the start of the day though bedtime without relying on endless cups of coffee to keep you focused.

Bone Broth: Bone broth is a rich nourishing broth, used to improve gut health, which leads to improvement in overall health. This instructional class not only teaches you how to make Bone Broth, but also the history and benefits of incorporating it into your life.

How to make Kombucha- This fermented sweet tea is loaded with good bacteria, necessary to keep our digestive system happy and in balance. Taught in a similar style to the Bone Broth Class.

Detox workshop- Learn how to gently cleanse your body using real food and supplements.

Real Foods classes– This class covers all the parts of a healthy diet, from soup to nuts (literally!) and can be taught in an abridged version or can be taught over 8 sessions, allowing a more thorough examination of each topic.

These workshops are an excellent and affordable way for men and women to learn in small groups. Businesses who offer health and wellness workshops find the workshops often pay for themselves. While productivity increases, sick days and dollars spent on health care costs decrease. It’s beneficial for your employees and for your company’s  bottom line! Contact Balance By Dina to schedule an individual or corporate workshop today.

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