Its Saturday Night!!! This post will help to avoid Sunday's hangover!

No one likes a hangover!

So here we are, another Saturday night…I am sure this will be a really fun night!! I have a wedding reception to go to for friends of mine, and I am really looking forward to attending! Last night I went out with some great friends and made the mistake of not eating anything before I ordered my first cocktail. We had a great time, but I will tell you, not eating anything before consuming an alcoholic beverage was a mistake. As I ordered my drink, I knew that I had better put some food in my stomach or I would pay for it later. Due to a lack of prior planning, after consuming a drink, I ended up eating the remainder of my friends dinner, a cheese and steak quesadilla. Eh. Problem was, my efforts were too little too late. So, lets talk about why this is.

  • When you drink alcohol it goes right to your stomach, while in your stomach there is an enzyme  in the walls of your stomach that breaks down alcohol.How to Avoid A Hangover!
  • Only 15% of alcohol actually gets metabolized in your stomach
  • 85% is metabolized in your liver
  • 5% is expelled through your lungs! This is why/how breathalyzers work.
  • When your stomach is empty, alcohol leaves your stomach faster and at a higher concentration and goes right into your blood stream and into your liver.
  • Having food in your stomach slows gastric emptying and slows the absorption of alcohol.
  • WOMEN- we have 50% less of the digestive enzyme than men do, sooooo thats one reason why we can get drunk a lot faster.
  • The other reason is: we have more fat and less muscle mass, alcohol passes through the blood vessels in the muscles, we have less muscle mass for the drink to spread to, unfortunately, fat doesn’t absorb any of the booze.
  • We can only metabolize approx. one adult beverage an hour.

Thats a very brief summary of why we need to eat before we imbibe. So, now we know and we will be very careful to drink only one drink per hour on a full stomach. We will be sure to sleep well the night before and  drink water all day in preparation of a night of drinking. RIGHT???? Possibly not. So here are some hangover cures that might come in handy!

  • Before you go to sleep, after drinking, eat a cucumber salted with sea salt or another high quality salt. (NOT Morton’s table salt) The sugar, B vitamins and electrolytes will help to replenish what you lost while overdoing it earlier in the night.
  • Drink a glass of water (or more) before you go to sleep- problem here is you might be running to the bathroom all night!
  • If you happen to be in Vegas, you can visit Hang Over Heaven they will hook you up with vitamins and an IV! They will even come to your room! Who knew???
  • If you are not in Vegas and you want to try to replicate the results, sans IV, I would suggest eating some grass fed liver (actually any liver- but grass fed is higher in vitamin content),   eat shellfish, eggs, or swiss cheese. These are all natural sources of vitamin B12. I don’t suggest taking a B12 supplement because most people don’t absorb vitamins well through their stomach. If you have access to a b12 shot- try that!
  • Eat a banana the next morning, in addition to replenishing sugar, it also replenishes your potassium.
  • Drink WATER WATER WATER WATER WATER- best way to get all of that crap flushed out and to rehydrate you!
  • Bone Broth- It contains TONS of minerals and electrolytes. Want to take a class on making bone broth? Contact me here or here.
  • Kombucha- drink this natural tonic as a hangover cure, this is a fairly simple drink you can make at home and save lots of $$$. Contact me here to schedule a class on making Kombucha.

Well, of course the list of cures can go on and on. I will devote a future blog post to this topic… Meanwhile, have fun tonight, whatever you do. Just remember, its much easier  to prevent a hangover than to cure one!! Stay safe and don’t drink and drive!

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