Hey there and welcome! A little bit about me… I am the mom of 2 boys, who sees the importance in being a mom, but also in being an independent person. I created this blog to teach people how they can balance a real foods lifestyle with the challenges offered by 21st century. Just like the airlines tell you to put on your air-mask first and then help your child put theirs on, I believe as adults, we need to help ourselves first, or we may not truly be able to help our children. The purpose of this blog is to help you understand and transition to, a real foods diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Enjoying pizza, mozzarella sticks and pasta is the reality in today’s world. Asking anyone to completely eliminate processed foods is a recipe for failure and low self-esteem. My intention is to give you tips to take control of your life, while balancing it with those times you (seemingly) have little control. Your health is not determined by the one meal you ate last night, but by the majority of the food and lifestyle choices you make the other 80-90 percent of the time.

This way of living life is a very realistic possibility for everyone. For the majority of my life I didn’t comprehend what any of this meant. I figured if I was eating a frozen bag of stir-fry chicken and vegetables, I was having a healthy dinner… I had NO idea that eating fast food, a few meals each week, would truly impact my health. It took having a son born with Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome, to truly learn the virtues of eating real foods. Fast forward to today, I am eating a real foods diet, which includes fruits, vegetables, proteins, fats and very importantly, traditional foods such as kombucha and cultured vegetables.

If this sounds a bit overwhelming, all I can say is, if I can do it, you certainly can! Simply sign up for my biweekly newsletter and take a few minutes each week to read my blog, check in on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter for recipes and tips on how to transition your life to a healthier, SUSTAINABLE real foods diet!